Round Robin & Knockout Tournament Manager 

All-Play-All Round Robin

The #1 app to manage round robin draws for singles or doubles events for tennis, pickleball, padel, badminton and table tennis tournaments

 The doubles round robin format will mix partners to ensure everyone plays together.

Or use the the knockout elimination format with choice of single elimination or with consolation bracket.  

Perfect also for basketball, baseball, football or any team sport round robin and knockout tournaments..

All-Play-All Round Robin App will help you generate and manage your round robin and knockout tournaments with ease.  

In true round robin format, each team/player will play every other team/player once for singles and team tournaments (per cycle).  For a doubles tournament, each player will partner with each other player once and play against each player twice.  Singles and team tournaments can be scheduled with an odd numbers of players with each player having a bye.  Doubles tournaments are generally only for multiples of 4 players with the exception being for 5 and 9 players where each players will have one bye.

For a knockout tournament, up to 32 players / teams can be entered.  Any number of players / teams can be seeded with the non-seeded players placed randomly in the draw.  There is a choice of Single Elimination where 1st round losers are knocked out or a Consolation bracket where 1st round losers get another chance (in a consolation bracket separate from the main draw).

All-Play-All Round Robin is an IOS app which uses iCloud to sync across your devices.

Privacy is important to us so we don't collect any data related to the content or usage of All-Play-All Round Robin. 

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*Purchase is required for unlimited tournaments and full reporting functionslity.


 Tournament parameters

tournament setup manager which can be edited

Play the matches

 View the leaderboard

tournament leaderboard sorted by total points with drill down to matches

Set your tournament name, the number of cycles you want (ie how many times should each player meet), set the tournament start date/time, select the participants from the list, decide whether you want to have a finals playoff at the end of the rounds, set the match schedule (locations and interval between rounds) and set the tournament points.

Match scheduling and tournament points can be changed after the matches have been generated.  Participants and playoff cannt be changed once the matches have generated.  A tournament can be copied to create a new tournament (but the rounds will be randomly re-generated)

If scheduled, the time of each round will be displayed in the header.  It can be manually updated for any round (or match within a round).  The location (eg court) is customizable.  When the match is completed, enter the score and the winner will be tagged.

Based on the tournament points allocation, the leaderboard will be automatically updated once the scores are entered.  Drilldown on any player/team to see individual results from the rounds.  The leaderboard is sorted by Total Points (not wins - refer FAQs for more information).  

KNOCKOUT (Elimination) 

Tournament parameters

All-Play-All Knockout Tournament Format


All-Play-All Knockout Tournament Matches

 Bracket view with consolation bracket

All-Play-All Knockout Bracket View

Set your tournament name, decide whether you want a single elimination or to include a consolation bracket for 1st match losers, set the tournament start date/time, select the participants from the list (indivduals or teams), seed the players if required, set the match schedule and the scoring options.

Match scheduling  can be changed after the matches have been generated.  Time and place will not be automatically generated for the Consolation matches but can be manually set.

Participants and seeds cannot be changed once the matches have generated.  A tournament can be copied to create a new tournament but the seeds will need to be reset.

Based on the results from each match, the winner will automatically progress through to the next round.   First match losers will move to the Consolation bracket if included in the tournament setup.    The Brackets view is automatically updated as each match result is entered.  Refer FAQs for more information.