FAQs  - Players, Scheduling, Points, Playoff

Here is a collection of the most frequently asked questions.

All-Play-All Round Robin is an easy to use and intuitive app so only a short list of FAQs!  But if you need to find out more about players, tournament scheduling, points, playoff or knockout ...

Participants (Players/Teams)

Why can't I delete a player?

A player can only be deleted when not participating in any tournaments.  To delete a participant, you first need to deleted all their tournaments.  

BE CAREFUL - you cannot UNDO deleting a tournament.

Can a player be in more than one team?

Yes they can.  When you add them to another team, you will be warned that they already belong to another team.

Can I import players from a CSV file?

Individuals can be imported from Settings > Import Players from CSV.  The file must contain a header row with labels as follows: Name, Grade, Email, Phone.  Only the Name column is required.  The other columns are optional.  Exisiting players will not be updated.  Teams cannot be imported.

Tournament Setup and Scheduling

I got the tournament start time wrong and I've already generated the matches.  Can I update it?

Yes.  Tap on the tournament setup EDIT button.   Update the start date/time.  Save the tournament setup.   The start date/times of all rounds will be automatically updated.

How do I change the date or time of a round?

Tap on the date/time on the heading row for the round.   After you select the new date/time, it will update automatically.  If you want to change the date/time for one of the matches in the round, select the match and update the date/time for that match only.  The other matches in that round will show continue to display the original date/time but it will be removed from the round header.

How can I schedule 4 matches in a round with only 2 courts?

From the tournament setup page, tap EDIT.  Select the 'Match Scheduling' option.   Set the 'Include Locations' option to YES.   Select the location if you wish to nominate this.  Set the 'Location Constraint' to the number of courts/fields that you have.  SAVE the tournament setup.  The rounds will be automatically updated with the venue constraint and the time adjusted accordingly (if matches are being scheduled).

How many players are required for a doubles round robin?

Doubles round robin uses the WHIST cyclic alogorithm to generate matches where every player plays with every other players once and against every other player twice.  Matches can be generated for multiples for 4 players from 4 to 24.  In additional, matches can be generated for 5 and 9 players where each player will have one bye.

Can all the teams play each other more than once?

Yes, on the Tournament Setup page, set the Cycles to the number of times you requrie (up to 4 cycles).

Why is there not a court number against each match?

This is a customization that you need to set up.  As All-Play-All is suitable for a range of sports and games, it is best that the organizer decides how to specify the locations.  These can be set up under the 'Settings > Match Locations' option.  After these have been set, go to the "Tournament > Setup > Match Scheduling" option and set 'Include Locations' to Yes. Then selecting the location group that you wish to use for the tournament.  When you SAVE the tournament changes, the locations will be updated to the matches.

I setup the tournament and now a player can't make it.  Can the player be substituted?

Players can be substituted for any rounds that have do not have a score recorded for the player being substituted out.  If the tournament has not started, that player will removed completely.  If the tournament has commenced, the substituted player will still be shown the results for matches playerd, and in the leaderboard and report.   A player cannot be substituted in a knockout tournament if he/she has already completed a match.

Tournament Points / Leaderboard

How do the tournament points work?

The win/loss/draw points are allocated based on the score.  The team/player with the highest score gets the points allocated for a win whilst the other player/team gets the points allocated for a loss.  If the score is even, both teams/players will get the points allocated for a draw.  

The points factor is multiplied by the team/player score.

The points difference is multiplied by the difference between the teams/players scores.

Any or all of the points values can be utilized.  The sum of the points will be applied to each team/player in each match.  

Why isn't the player with the most wins always at the top of the leaderboard?

The leaderboard is sorted by total points, followed by wins.  If you want to give a higher weighting to a win, then ensure you enter a points value for a WIN.  If you want to encourage consistent best effort, then allocate points to the points factor so that the player/team is rewarded for every point/game they win.   You can allocate multiple points  eg  3 for a win and the 1 for points factor.

Click here  for examples of how the points allocation can change the leaderboard standings. Scroll to the bottom of the example sheet to see the overall results.

What is the 'Points Factor'?

The points factor is applied to the score that the player received.  For example, if you give a Points Factor of 1, a player with a score of 6 will get 6 points.  If the points factor was 0.1, the player would receive 0.6 points.

How is the 'Points Differential' used?

The Points Differential is multiplied by the difference between the player scores.  For example, if the Points Differential is 1.0 and the score was 11-8, the winner would receive 11-8 * 1 = 3.  The loser would receive 8-11 * 1 = -3.

Finals Playoff

Why is the FInals Playoff not available for Doubles?

As every player has partnered with every other player, it is not possible to create a playoff for doubles.  

I input one of the results wrong and the playoff rounds have been generated.  What happens if I go back and change the score in one of the rounds?

You will be warned that the playoff rounds will be restated.  If any playoff round results have been entered, they will get deleted when the playoff rounds are regenerated.

Knockout Tournament

What is the difference between the elimination types Single and Consolation?

For a single elimination, there is just a main draw and losers drop out of the tournament.  For a consolation tournament, 1st match losers will get a second chance by being placed in the Consolation bracket.  Players in the consolation bracket cannot win the overall tournament but can win the consolation bracket.

How can I generate a double elimination tournament?

The double elimination format is currently not availble but will be included in a future release

How are seeded players determined?

It is up to the organizer to determine the seedings for a tournament.  Any number of players can be seeded.  Unseeded players will be randomly placed in the draw.

Why did a player that lost in the 2nd round get into the consolation bracket?

If a player had a bye in the first round and then lost their first game (which is in the 2nd round), they still get the opportunity for a 2nd match by being placed in the consolation bracket.