An easy to use tournament generator - for iPad, iPhone & Mac

Features of All-Play-All Round Robin

It's quick and easy to setup and generate your tournament.  You can set it up on your iPad and head to the tournament and manage if from your iPhone. All data synchronised via iCloud.   Or just use one device.

Just select your players, set the tournament parameters and generate the tournament schedule.  Record the scores & the leaderboard/bracket will update automatically.  

Generate a report anytime.

Participant Setup 

List of participants and team
Profile for individual player
Profile for team with list of team members

Participant's Tournaments

list of tournaments that the player is participating in

Round Robin Tournament Setup 


Tournament setup with summery of parameters that have been set
Set the finals playoff parameters
Set the points for win, loss, draw based on the score
List of players/teams participating in the tournament
Manage the locations and time schedule for the matches

Knockout Tournament Setup 



All-Play-All Knockout Tournament Format
All-Play-All Knockout Tournament Seeding
List of players/teams participating in the tournament



Click here for examples of how the points allocation can change the leaderboard standings. Scroll to the bottom of the example sheet to see the overall results.

The leaderboard shows games players, wins, losses & draws with total points



All-Play-All Knockout Tournament Bracket


Generate a tournament report and share or print
Update the report settings