Easy to Use Tournament Generator - iCloud Sync between iPad & iPhone

Features of All-Play-All Round Robin Tournament Generator

It's quick and easy to setup and generate your tournament. You can set it up on your iPad and head to the tournament and manage if from your iPhone. All data synced via iCloud. Or just use one device.

Just select your players, set the tournament parameters and generate the tournament schedule. Record the scores & the leaderboard will update automatically.

Generate a report anytime.

Participant Setup

  • Individual or Team

  • Option to include grade, phone number & email for individuals

  • For teams, there is the option to include a captain and select individuals for the team

  • See which teams an individual is a member of; or who the members of a team are

  • Edit and delete participants (can only delete if not participating in any tournaments)

List of participants and team
Profile for individual player
Profile for team with list of team members

Participant's Tournaments

  • See which tournaments an individual or team is participating in

list of tournaments that the player is participating in

Tournament Setup

  • Tournament format - singles, doubles or teams.

  • Cycles - rounds can be repeated (eg play everyone twice)

  • Venue

  • Participants - from 4 to 24.

    • For singles and doubles tournaments, individuals are selected. For a team tournaments, teams are selected.

    • For singles/team format, an odd number of participants will result in each player/team having a bye

    • The doubles tournament format uses the Whist Cyclic algorithm where each player partners with each other player once and against each other player twice. For a doubles tournament, the number of players will normally be a multiplication of 4. However matches can also be generated for 5 and 9 players with each player having one bye.

  • Finals Playoff - Elimination playoff is available for Singles and Team events. Choice of top 2, 4 or 8. Option for a bronze (3rd place) playoff. Players will be determined at the end of the rounds based on the leaderboard results.

  • Match Scheduling

    • Add a location for each match - these are defined under the Settings option. If the locations are not setup in the right order, you can switch off this setting and save the tournament setup. Once the locations are then updated, you can put the locations switch back on and when the tournament setup is saved again, the matches will be updated

    • Set location constraint if required - eg 4 courts are required to complete a round but you only have 2 courts available

    • Schedule match start times for each round by setting the tournament start date/time and the interval between rounds eg 1 hours, 1 week etc

    • Whenever the interval is edited, the match start times will be updated. Matches times can be individually updated on the Matches view

  • Tournament Points

    • Set points for win, draw, loss, points factor & results differential. All or any of the points variables can be applied

    • Win, loss draw points will be allocated based on the overall score

    • Points factor - the score for that player/team will be multiplied by the points factor

    • Results differential -the difference between the scores will be multiplied by the results differential and added to the points for the winner and subtracted from the points for the loser. For example, if the Results Differential value is 0.1 and the score is 21-16, the winner will get +0.5 (21-16 * 0.1) and the loser will get -0.5 (16-21 * 0.1) added to the any other points allocated

    • See examples below under Leaderboard..


  • Participants cannot be changed after the matches are generated, nor can the tournament format or number of cycles be changed

  • A tournament is deemed complete once a score has been recorded for each match

  • Tournaments can be edited, copied and deleted.

Tournament setup with summery of parameters that have been set
Set the finals playoff parameters
Set the points for win, loss, draw based on the score
List of players/teams participating in the tournament
Manage the locations and time schedule for the matches


  • Displays the draw for each round

  • Capture of results for each match, with the winner indicated

  • To change the start date/time of an individual round or a match, just tap on the date and select the new date/time. Only that round/match is updated

  • Then match location can also be manually overwritten.

View the matches in each round and add the score


  • Check out who is leading the tournament - that's the player/team with the most points, not necessarily the most wins.

  • Display results for each team/player for each completed round by tapping on the row

  • Note: tournament points need to be set up for total points to be calculated.

Click here for examples of how the points allocation can change the leaderboard standings. Scroll to the bottom of the example sheet to see the overall results.

The leaderboard shows games players, wins, losses & draws with total points


  • A report containing all tournament details can be viewed and printed/shared

  • Report Settings include:

    • Portrait/Landscape Orientation

    • Compressed Print - switch on to prevent words wrapping onto a new line

    • Include/exclude player contact details

Generate a tournament report and share or print
Update the report settings